You need vigilance to keep a commercial facility safe from intruders who mean harm. When you’re responsible and careful about your building’s security systems, the rewards are many. Staff and customers enjoy a safe space, vandalism and theft decrease, and your insurance company and lawyers are appreciative. Assemble an expert team to assess your facility’s security needs. Dedicated commercial-security experts are invaluable allies in your efforts to define site vulnerabilities and develop your facility’s security protocols. Commercial-door professionals are equally as necessary to your plans. Here are four reasons why.

  1. A Security Plan Is Only as Good as the Standards You Enforce

You can create the most expansive security program in history, and your commercial building will appear as fortified as Fort Knox on paper. If no one follows the program by setting alarms and reporting suspicious activity, your security system is worthless. Likewise, if you plan to install roll-up grilles and dock doors to limit access to your building during an emergency, your security plan is only as solid as the installation of those doors. If proper installation methods are not followed, the doors may not close or open when there’s a crisis. Set the highest standards for your employees and your doors. Conduct random checks to ensure that doors are being locked and closed when required. Select the best, most durable commercial doors to set a standard of facility excellence. A high-quality commercial door installer will help you source and install top quality gates, dock doors, grilles, warehouse doors, and other barriers. You get smooth, reliable operation of your access-control barriers when the door’s made right and a pro does the job. You get a longer door lifespan when it’s properly balanced and hung.

  1. Every Building Has Individual Vulnerabilities

Whether you have a corporate security policy you must follow or there’s no security plan presently in place at your facility, your building must be analyzed on an individual level. The barriers that work at corporate headquarters in sunny L.A. may not work so well in a climate where there’s three feet of snow on the ground during winter. Experienced installers of garage and commercial doors know which materials work best for your facility’s location and uses. You may want a grille door to close off a cafeteria. However, the open spaces on the door allow mice to enter and vandals to throw items into the closed-off space. A roll-down aluminum door may be a better option to keep rodents and trash out of the space. Consult an experienced commercial-door installer to choose the strongest, safest doors for your specific needs. They have the skills to adapt products to meet the security and aesthetic needs of your commercial facility.

  1. The Hardware Matters as Much as the Door

A commercial door is only as tough to crack as the hardware used to mount, open, and lock the door. A heavy iron door is easy to push open when the latching or locking mechanisms are shoddy or installed improperly. It may be tempting to let one of your maintenance guys hang your security barriers to save money. A general maintenance person may not understand the importance of using the correct hardware and fasteners to make the doors functional. For roll-up doors to provide reliable service, careful calculations and proper materials must be used during installation. An experienced, responsible installer of roll-up or grille-type barriers guarantees that the proper hardware and installation methods are used for the mounts and access control mechanisms.

  1. Professionals Synchronize Electronic and Other Controls

Various brands of garage, dock, and roll-up doors offer their own proprietary controllers to automatically open and close the doors they manufacture. Your commercial-door professional knows which door manufacturers produce the types of controls called for in your security plan. For example, you may want the controls for a dock door to be located very near the door itself. You may want controls for another entry point to be located in a guard shack or other remote location. The door-installation expert saves you time by sourcing the specific types of doors and access systems you need. The pros also know how to correctly install the various control systems. If wiring is not done properly or the wrong controller is used for a door, that barrier may fail to operate as expected. Commercial-door installers also take the time to train you and staff on the proper operation of your controllers and doors. When your security protocols involve closing off access to key areas of your facility, it’s important that all approved staff members know how to secure automatic doors in those areas. Contact the commercial-door experts at Shank Door today to schedule installation of your facility’s barriers. We offer commercial fire doors, hydraulic doors, aluminum doors, polycarbonate doors and more to Pennsylvania businesses and industries in Lancaster, Myerstown, Harrisburg, York, Lebanon, Reading, and the surrounding region.

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