The average garage door opener can last for up to 10 to 15 years with proper care. However, many people upgrade their garage door openers more frequently to take advantage of new garage door opener technology that has advanced at a rapid pace.

Read on to learn about five features you should look for in your new garage door opener and the unique benefits of each of these features. 

1. Rolling Code Technology

Many home intruders gain access to a home by breaking into the garage door. While some shove objects, such as coat hangers, through cracks in garage doors and use these objects to pull door emergency release cords, others use modern technology to hack into garage door openers equipped with outdated fixed code security technology.

How do hackers do this? Your garage door opener remote control transmits a radio signal to your garage door opener, triggering it to open. Hackers can create devices that transmit radio signals to your garage door opener that mimic those produced by a garage door remote to open doors without their remotes.

While you have no way to completely prevent garage door opener signal hacking, you can reduce the chance that a determined intruder will hack into your garage door opener with a door opener with rolling code technology. This technology changes your garage door opener code every time you open your garage door, making it much more difficult for potential intruders to open your garage door with hacking tools.

2. Battery Backup

If you have an older garage door opener, then you may have to disengage the garage door opener anytime a local power outage happens, then open and close the garage door manually until power is restored. Do you find this task a nuisance when running with flashlights and candles during a power outage? Consider purchasing a new garage door opener with a built-in battery backup system. 

Garage door openers with built-in battery backup systems continue to function as usual during power outages to prevent the hassle of disengaging your garage door opener and opening the door manually during the outage. In addition, if your garage door opener has a built-in security light, then this overhead light may also stay lit during the power outage.

3. Quiet Operation

If your current garage door opener is very noisy when it opens your garage door and this noise bothers you, then look at modern garage door openers that operate very quietly. 

Two main types of garage door openers exist: chain-drive openers and belt-drive openers. Chain-drive openers make a large amount of noise when opening a garage door because their metal chains can rub against a garage door opener track and vibrate as the garage door opens.

Belt-drive openers make less noise, because their belts are made of smooth materials that slide quietly along the door opener track and do not vibrate.

In addition, garage door openers have either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) motors. Direct current motors are typically much quieter than AC motors.

Choose a new belt-drive garage opener with a DC motor for quieter garage door operation. 

4. Smartphone Connectivity

Many garage door openers on the market today are WiFi-enabled. These garage door openers are often called smart garage door openers. While this WiFi connectivity can have many benefits, smart garage door openers often connect to an app you download on your smartphone or other internet-enabled device.

After you download this app, you can then open and close your garage door with your smartphone, even when away from home. You can also check the app to see if your garage door is open or closed. 

The ability to control your garage door opener remotely can benefit you if you have teenagers or children who often leave the garage door open accidentally and/or if you want to let guests in and out of your home while you are away without providing them with keys.

5. Keypad Control

An additional garage door opener option you should consider is wireless keypad control. Unlike a garage door opener remote that you may keep in your vehicle, a wireless keypad is typically attached to the exterior of your home right next to your garage door. 

To open and close your garage door with this keypad, you simply enter your garage door code into the keypad. 

Garage door keypads have many benefits. If you want to leave your home for a quick walk or jog without taking your house keys along, you can exit and enter your home through your garage by simply punching in the keypad code. In addition, if you have children who frequently lose their keys, you can have them enter your home through the garage door instead.

Finally, if you ever lose your garage door remote, you can operate your garage door opener with this keypad until you order a replacement.

If you are ready to invest in a new garage door opener, then consider these five features that can help keep your family safer and make your life easier. Contact Shank Door for all of your garage door opener needs.

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