Whether you plan to replace your current patio doors or add a brand-new set of patio doors to your home, then you need to learn about all of your modern patio door options. Today’s patio doors are available in a wide array of styles, come in a variety of glass types, and are equipped with various safety features that help keep your family safe.

If you plan to install a new set of patio doors in your home soon, then read on to learn more about your patio door options so you can make a more informed decision as you select the best patio doors for your home.

Modern Patio Door Styles

There are two types of traditional patio doors that are very popular today — sliding glass doors and swinging patio doors.

Sliding doors are a great option when you have a small patio or home that lacks the clearance that swinging patio doors need when opened. However, many homeowners love the appearance of swinging patio doors. These doors open like a large set of French doors and can open inward or outward depending on whether you have more door clearance inside of your home or on your patio.

Both patio door styles can feature two, three, or more panels of glass. In addition, all glass panels can be either operable or inoperable. Operable panels can slide or swing open, while inoperable or fixed panels do not open.

While both sliding and swinging patio doors are great options, you should install a glass wall style patio door if you would like a patio entryway that is much larger than traditional patio doors. These are typically done on commercial applications more often.

  • We recommend vinyl patio doors and here is a link that explains some of the durability factors of what we handle:
  • High energy efficiency is enhanced by weather-stripping. Weather-stripping plays a very important part of preventing air from coming into your home. Our brand of patio doors, have weather-stripping on the frame and sash, ensuring you get a good seal at the important locations where air could pass through. And bulb seals that are seamless closed-cell compression seals that prevent water from penetrating the foam cell structure. Its extruded skin provides a unique UV resistant barrier with design features that enhance the weather-strip’s sealing performance. In addition, we use a Barrier-Fin Seal woven and extruded pile weather-stripping with fin which provides a very effective barrier against air, water, dust and noise, sealing against even and uneven surfaces with resistance to abrasion.
  • There are many interior colors of vinyl patio doors that will enhance the décor of your home:

Keep in mind that when you replace traditional patio doors with some types of glass walls, additional structural supports may need to be added to the walls they are installed on to help the wall support the additional weight a glass wall adds to it, especially if the glass wall is very large.

Consider Your Glass Options

No matter what patio door style you choose, you have many door glass options. Most patio doors come equipped with tempered glass, which is traditional glass that is heated to an extremely high temperature and then quickly cooled. This special treatment process creates glass that is up to 4 times stronger than traditional glass. It also shatters into many small pieces with rounded edges when broken instead of breaking into razor-sharp shards.

However, patio doors can also be equipped with impact-resistant glass, which is also called laminated glass. Laminated glass consists of two panels of tempered glass sandwiched between a layer of vinyl. When laminated glass breaks, small pieces of broken glass stay attached to the vinyl instead of falling to the ground.

Each type of glass has its advantages and disadvantages when used in patio doors.

Laminated glass offers additional home security because home intruders have a much more difficult time entering your home — after a home intruder breaks this glass and it stays in one piece, they may decide it is not worth the effort to attempt to break through the glass vinyl layer with brute force. However, this type of glass can be a bit more expensive than traditional tempered glass.

Tempered glass is more affordable than laminated glass. While home intruders can gain access to your home more easily after they break tempered glass, installation of tempered glass doors does not necessarily sacrifice the safety of your home, especially if your yard is surrounded by a good security fence.

No matter which type of glass you choose, be sure to choose double-pane glass that is more energy-efficient than single-pane glass. When you have a home filled with double-pane windows instead of single-pane ones, you can save up to 20 percent or more on your home heating and cooling costs due to the superior insulation.

If you plan to replace your home patio doors soon or add a new set to your home, you have numerous patio door frame style and glass options. Contact the patio door experts at Shank Door to discuss new patio door installation today.

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