A garage door is an essential entry point for the home, and a new homeowner should be aware of services and upgrades needed for the door. Learn about some services, how they will help with your new home, and how to get the most out of the new garage you own.

1. Garage Door Key Code Changes

A garage door opener offers easy access to a home with a push of a button or through keypad door entry. As a new homeowner, you may not know who has the keypad code or access to any other garage door openers that were made.

Changing the opener code is little more complicated than just changing a password, but a garage door repair technician can help with the process. With a key code change, you can feel safe and confident knowing that only your new key code and opener will work on the garage door.

If you need extra garage door openers, then a technician can provide you with new ones and program them to match the new code. The added security will give you a sense of comfort in your own home, and the process is completely fairly quickly.

2. Garage Door Inspections

A garage door may look clean and in stable condition, but you never know how the door operates until it opens and shuts. You may hear squeaks, creaks, and scraping noises on various parts of the garage door. A full garage door inspection done by professionals can pick up on these elements and provide the repairs needed to keep your garage door operational.

Inspections will pay particular attention to the door springs and the rollers. Over time, rollers may wear down or lose their lubrication. Damage to the rollers could cause the garage door to jam up or malfunction. Stretched or broken springs can cause a garage door to open slowly or not open at all.

A garage door technician will use their expertise to point out potential issues that you may not have noticed. For example, the garage door could be hitting too hard on the ground. The motor may strain and need some tweaks. A quick inspection will help get simple repairs done now so you do not need to pay for expensive replacements later on.

3. Garage Door Weatherstripping Installations

A garage door is an essential element for climate control in your garage and any rooms of the house connected to the garage. One way to keep cold or hot air out of a garage area is with weatherstripping. Weatherstripping is featured on the bottom of a garage door edge, along with the ground area where a garage door closes.

The main purpose of weatherstripping is to block off any gaps or holes within a garage. If a garage door sits unevenly against the ground, service techs can help level out the garage and provide weatherstripping services. While a majority of the gaps may appear on the bottom of the door, you may notice some on the sides as well. Weatherstripping installation can also be used on the sides when needed.

4. Garage Door Replacements

The uses for your new garage may include car parking, a workshop, a band area, a home gym, or extra storage space. The garage door you have installed can make a big difference in the way the garage is used. A garage door replacement can cater directly to your needs and supply you with extra features to meet those needs.

For example, you may seek out a new garage door with built-in windows. The windows provide natural light inside the garage, which is ideal for working out or doing hobbies. You can choose doors with large window panels or smaller window panels. Window reflectors and tints will allow light in while adding privacy to the area.

If you plan to enter and exit the garage a lot, then you may want a garage door with a smaller walk-in door. The pass-through or pedestrian door gives you easy access without the need to constantly open or shut a garage door.

You can also select a new garage door with extra insulation. The insulation helps with climate control and noise control. For example, if you play instruments, the insulation will keep sounds out from the neighborhood and provide you with an open space to practice and play music.

A new garage door can also add some curb appeal to your new home. You can choose elegant designs, different color finishes, and extra features to make the garage door stand out. The design and style can truly be your own and last for years in the future.

Contact us at Shank Door to plan out all of your garage door needs. We also offer emergency services and will help you enjoy a functional garage with your new home.

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