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Winter conditions are rough on garage doors and can leave them in need of repairs. Similarly, hot summers can be damaging, making the start of the season the best time to give your door some extra attention. Regular maintenance also prevents surprise repairs and ensures you enjoy your garage space during summer. The tips below will prepare your garage door for summer.

Clean the Garage Door

A deep clean is among the best ways to prepare your garage door for warm weather. If the door has salt stains from winter, use a mild detergent, vinegar, and water. Scrub the stains with a non-abrasive sponge and wipe the grime with a rag. Next, rinse off the soap with water to protect its finish. Also, get a step ladder to clean the top of the garage door.

Rotting is a common issue with wooden garage doors. In this case, look out for warp and water damage and layer a water sealant and fresh coat of paint. If the rot spreads, you may need to replace your garage door.

Inspect the Insulation and Weather Stripping

A well-insulated garage door keeps the garage cool throughout summer by keeping hot air out. What’s more, proper garage door insulation enhances your home’s energy efficiency. To determine if the door has insulation, measure its temperature while outside and inside the garage. If the temperature inside is lower than the outside when it’s hot, the door is ready for summer.

It also helps to check if the weather stripping is in good condition. The strip lines the door’s side and to keep outside air out and inside air in. However, it degrades over time and lets cool air out during summer when it’s much needed. It’s advisable to have a garage door expert examine the weather stripping as it can be hard to spot damage.

Look Out for Wear and Tear

Icy winter weather can leave the garage door in need of repairs. Look out for rusting, warping, and cracking, and other signs of damage. Start with the opener’s lifting cables and check for fraying strands. Don’t attempt to replace the cables as it’s dangerous. Instead, contact a garage door specialist to do the job. Then, check for any bends, cracks, or chips on the rollers.

Also, ensure the supports, rods, and ball bearings are in good shape. However, it’s easy to miss some issues that need repair as a garage door has many moving parts. In contrast, a professional knows what and where to check to prep the door for a comfortable summer.

Lubricate Moving Parts

If you want noiseless service from your garage door, lubricate all moving hardware. Before lubrication, ensure the door works perfectly. Then, apply lubricant to every hinge while focusing on the areas that move.

The rollers only need a little oil, although the application method depends on the roller type. For instance, steel rollers without coverings only need a small amount on the ball bearings. On the other hand, steel rollers with white nylon coverings don’t need lubricants.

Next, clean and lubricate the door’s tracks and chains. Ensure the tracks have no debris to keep them working correctly. Also, apply enough lubricant to the springs to make them shift with ease.

People with belt drive door openers don’t need to lubricate them. However, applying lubricant on a chain drive opener keeps it working well. Apply the oil along the chain’s entire length for best results.

Inspect the Springs

Springs can break unexpectedly and require emergency repair services. You may have worn-out springs if you find it challenging to open or close the door. In this case, check for a separation in the spring or visible signs of damage.

If the strings look elongated or stretched, they have likely lost tension. Additionally, check for signs of rust as keeping springs rust-free extends their lifespan. Springs hold a lot of tension, and it isn’t advisable to attempt any repairs. Instead, call a garage door expert for repairs.

Watch For Loose Bolts

Loose bolts on the track are a disaster waiting to happen. Check if the screws at the back of the track are in place and tighten them if necessary. Additionally, ensure the vertical sections of the tracks are perfectly aligned. Loose screws can also warp the hinges and necessitate replacement hinges. Also, check for any other loose bolts on the garage door system and replace them with screws of similar diameter.

The summer heat can be unforgiving, and a well-insulated garage door is a must-have if you intend to use the garage space. Contact the garage door experts at Shank Door today to ensure your door is insulated and functioning correctly.

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