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5 Important Things to Know About Storm Doors

5 Important Things to Know About Storm Doors

Winter is well on its way. In Pennsylvania this means below-freezing temperatures and plenty of snow and ice. For this reason alone, homeowners who don’t already have one a storm door should consider installing one.

This type of door is installed in front of an exterior entry door. The primary purpose of a storm door is to protect your entry door from the elements. This added protection is especially advantageous during cold, snowy, and windy weather.

6 Ways Lightning Strikes Can Damage Your Garage Door System

Lightning Striking Garage Door

Lightning strikes may lack the awe-inspiring destructive power that comes with tornadoes or hurricanes, but they’re deadly in their own right. The U.S. alone experiences over 25 million cloud-to-ground lightning strikes each year, and it only takes one bolt to strike your home. Such a strike can do serious damage to your garage door.

A direct strike isn’t the only way lightning can damage your garage door. An indirect hit can prove just as damaging to openers, photo-eye sensors, and other electrical components that are a part of your garage door. Lightning strikes can impact your garage door’s look and functionality, as explained by the examples listed below.

6 Safety Tips for New Garage Door Owners

Wooden Garage Door with windows.

If you’re the owner of your first official garage door, you may not realize how hazardous garage doors can be when neglected or mishandled. Here are six ways to practice safe garage-door management.

1. Learn How to Operate Your Garage Door

Take the time to study and use the information in the owner manual that came with your garage door opener. If you don’t have the original manual, contact the manufacturer of your garage door opener to learn where you can obtain a copy of the instructions.


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