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5 Reasons to Add a Rear Door Onto Your Garage

Your garage may already have a rear access door installed that’s the same size as a standard house door. But what if you added a full-size garage door to the rear of your garage? Many homeowners recognize the benefits of having a garage door installed in the back wall of their garage, and they add extra garage doors for the five reasons listed here.

4 Features Your Receiving Dock Garage Door Openers Should Have

Your receiving dock is like the lifeline for your entire business. In addition to accepting new deliveries, your receiving area is where you greet new vendors, unload product, and take care of initial invoicing, which means that the entire area needs to be as functional as possible. Fortunately, you can streamline your receiving dock by updating your garage door openers. Here are four features your new garage door openers should have and how these helpful systems will improve your operation.

4 Ways to Upgrade New Garage Doors With Specialty Hardware

A perfectly utilitarian garage door is a fine thing. If it rolls or lifts smoothly and looks fresh and clean, a new garage door stands on its own merits. Sometimes, however, you want a little more from the door. When you desire a garage door with a bit of character, durability, or sophistication, use one of the following four types of specialty hardware.
    1. Castle-Style Rustic
Nothing says “This is my castle” like stone walls and heavy wooden entry doors. If you’ve chosen a pair of rustic wooden garage doors for your stone-sided home, add a touch of ancient authenticity to the garage doors with hardware that’s bold, simple, and substantial.

Is a Fiberglass or Steel Entry Door Right for Your Home?

When you decide to upgrade your entryway door, you may think about numerous specifications. For instance, you may picture decorative glass inserts, a specific color that complements the hue of your home, and secure hardware to protect your family and belongings.

In addition to these considerations, you must also think about one of the most fundamental characteristics of your new entry door: the material. Two of the most common entryway door materials currently on the market are fiberglass and steel.

Each of these materials can work well for most homes, but choosing the right material for your home can provide you with more energy-and-cost efficiency, security, and longevity. In this blog, we provide you with the information you need to evaluate whether a fiberglass or steel door is right for you.


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