Converting your garage is a great way to increase the living space in your home. This idea is a popular choice for many Americans and may be something that you’re considering. Compared to having an addition constructed, a garage conversion is relatively inexpensive and creates very little mess and disruption to your daily life. The challenge in deciding whether a garage conversion is right for your home is often figuring out whether the conversion will add value and desirability to your home or detract from key selling features. The solution is to create a conversion that works well as a living space but can also be easily and inexpensively reverted back to function as a garage by yourself or a new owner.

One of the most important elements in achieving this multi-functionality is the right garage door. This door essentially needs to work as a sturdy and insulating wall for your conversion, while still functioning as a typical garage door. Here are the three most important features you’ll need to consider when choosing your new garage conversion garage door.

  1. Glass Sections

One of the challenges of creating a successful garage conversion is providing the new living space with plenty of natural light. Often, a garage will only have a small window and two interior walls, providing limited opportunities for areas where natural light can enter. To solve this problem, install a garage door that has multiple transparent sections included in the body of the door. This will allow your garage conversion to receive more natural light without making you install traditional walls with windows to enclose the space. It may be advisable to also opt for glass sections that are located on the top edge of the door, as this will ensure your living space retains privacy even if your garage door faces directly towards the street.

  1. Insulation

Doors account for a high percentage of heat loss and gain in American homes. Because a garage door covers a large space, the heat loss and gain caused by this feature can be magnified significantly. Installing an insulated garage door will mitigate this problem immensely. An insulated door will save you a significant amount of money on heating and cooling costs and also make your garage conversion a far more comfortable living space. Plus, there are several thermal options you can choose from for garage doors that are functional but also well-insulated. If you want an “Old World” décor, a timber or fiberglass door with an insulated foam core is the best choice for a garage conversion. These types of doors offer superior insulation properties and can still look amazing from both the inside and outside of your home.

  1. Aesthetics

Finally, because your garage door is going to serve as an interior wall for your new living space and still be visible from the outdoors, this feature needs to be attractive. Many garage doors are utilitarian in looks, and, while functional, this type of door won’t do a great deal to enhance the aesthetics of the interior or exterior of your conversion. Fortunately, it’s possible to buy a garage door that looks as beautiful as it is functional. You can select from many different styles, including ornate traditional timber doors, warm and modern plank accent doors, and carriage house style doors. The right door can act as an eye-catching and unique feature that will enhance the interior of your garage conversion as well as increase the curb appeal of the exterior of your home. Finding the right garage door for your conversion project that fits all of these needs may feel a little daunting, especially with the wide array of doors that are available on the market. The helpful and experienced team at Shank Door will be able to guide you through the process and help you to find the perfect garage door for your home. Contact us to discuss your needs, ask any questions you may have, and find out about our large range of high-quality and beautiful garage door options.

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