Your receiving dock is like the lifeline for your entire business. In addition to accepting new deliveries, your receiving area is where you greet new vendors, unload product, and take care of initial invoicing, which means that the entire area needs to be as functional as possible. Fortunately, you can streamline your receiving dock by updating your garage door openers. Here are four features your new garage door openers should have and how these helpful systems will improve your operation.

  1. Motion-Activated Lighting

As soon as a truck backs into your receiving dock, your receiving team starts the process of checking off the order, verifying the pricing, and taking care of the necessary paperwork. Unfortunately, if the area is dim, your workers will have a hard time completing these essential tasks correctly. However, garage door openers with motion-activated lighting can help you to keep your dock well-lit. Motion-activated lighting systems attached to garage door openers use infrared beams to detect movement within an area. As soon as a person walks through a space or the door is opened, the lights will automatically turn on, saving time and energy. Additionally, making sure those lights are on may help workers to stay safe, since trips and falls are less likely when people can see where they are going.

  1. Quick Door-Opening Speed

Time is money in business, especially when you are trying to unload product your customers may be waiting for. Unfortunately, if your receiving doors are currently fitted with older garage door openers, your vendors and receiving team might have to wait for those back doors to open before they can take care of any business. Standard garage door openers move doors as slowly as 6 inches per second, which means it can take as long as 40 seconds to complete an entire cycle. Although this might not seem like a long time to wait, if you need to open your garage door dozens of times a day to accept incoming deliveries for your large business, standard garage door openers can really slow things down. Fortunately, you can upgrade garage door openers to high-speed versions, capable of moving doors as quickly as 96 inches per second, or about 16 times faster than standard versions. These high-performance openers can move even large, heavy receiving doors in seconds, keeping your business moving along.

  1. Secure Radio Receivers

Security is essential for reducing theft and protecting your bottom line, which is why older garage door openers can actually create a significant threat for your company. Garage door openers manufactured before 1993 typically contain a dip-switch system that uses a fixed, transmitted code that transfers between the receiver and the device remote. Unfortunately, these codes can be easily collected with devices, allowing thieves easy access to entry points. When rolling-code systems were invented in the 1990s, garage door security improved, but there were still issues with the technology. In 2007, researchers discovered that the algorithms used to create rolling codes in garage doors and wireless key systems in cars were predictable, making it easy for thieves to use mathematical formulations to predict the correct codes. However, many new garage door openers have built-in radio receivers that are pre-programmed with millions of different unique codes, making it virtually impossible for thieves to predict the right access key-code. For instance, the LINEAR LDO50 contains a hardwired MegaCode format receiver, a device that is known to create an impeccable level of security.

  1. Wi-Fi Integration

You trust your receivers and backroom employees, but the simple fact of the matter is that everyone makes mistakes. In an attempt to keep deliveries moving properly, your workers might be tempted to leave back garage doors open or accidentally leave them open after their shifts end, creating problems for the security of your backroom. However, some new garage door opener systems have an integrated wireless internet chip, giving owners the ability to check in on their garage door status anytime they want to check on their business. In addition to giving you an easy way to make sure your backroom is properly closed and locked, Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers can also trigger alarms if the door is opened when it shouldn’t be or if it experiences a system problem that could impact its ability to operate properly. For instance, if you experience a power outage in your business that could impact the opening or closing of your garage doors, your system can be set up to notify you so that your team can close the doors manually. When you are ready to upgrade your receiving dock with new garage doors or modern openers, give our team a call. Here at Shank Door, we are committed to carrying all of the best products from top manufacturers like Artisan, Wayne Dalton, Lift Master, and Haas Door to create functional, beautiful spaces in commercial and residential properties. Find out more about our commitment to excellence by giving us a call today.

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