When ordering a new or replacement garage door, you must decide whether you want a garage door with windows or without windows. Here are some factors to consider when choosing whether to have windows or not in your garage doors.


Some security experts recommend that homeowners order garage doors without windows. Garage door windows allow thieves and others with bad intent the ability to see the items — and people — inside your garage. A crafty thief could break a window and find a way to override an automatic opener or a garage door lock.

When you live in an area known for break-ins or you’re frequently absent from your property, glass windows on a garage door may not be the best choice. When you live in a safe area, in a neighborhood with good security, and near people who look out for one another, a garage door with windows is a reasonably safe option.

You also have some options for lowering risks of break-ins with glass windows. Frosted glass, shades, or curtains block views into the garage. If you store expensive tools and sports equipment in a garage with windows, use locking storage containers for all of your valuables. What thieves can’t see can’t tempt them.

Another tip if you live in a sketchy area but want a garage door with windows is to install a security system that’s integrated with your garage door electronics. You can receive alerts wherever you are or have notifications sent to a security company when the garage door is accessed or windows are broken.

A strong, secure door from the garage to the home is a necessity whether you have windows located in your garage’s exterior walls or the garage door. Have deadbolt locks and other security devices installed on all doors leading from the garage to the home, basement, and bonus rooms.

In some locations, a homeowners association (HOA) or local ordinance determines which styles of garage doors you can have installed on your property. Windows may or may not be allowed depending on the rules for your particular address. Check with all governing authorities before ordering a new garage door to comply with any existing garage door rules.


Do you plan to sell your home soon or remain in the home for a few years? If you plan to sell your home soon, buy an attractive garage door that increases your home’s curb appeal.

A garage door with windows can dress up a bland garage. Your home makes a better setting for in-person showings and sales photos when stylish windows grace the top section of a brand-new garage door. The extra light flooding into the garage makes the space bright and easy to show to prospective buyers.

According to Remodeling Magazine‘s annual cost recouping figures, you can expect a 98.3 percent return on your new garage door when you sell your home. Buyers appreciate solid, good-looking doors with easy-to-operate, safe automatic openers. Attractive garage door windows that match a home’s architectural style can help sell your home, too.

When you plan on staying in your home, choose the garage door that makes you happy. If a low-cost, solid steel door is enough for your needs, schedule installation of that type of door. If you’ve always dreamed of a castle-style garage door with ornate stained glass windows, go for it.


A garage door with windows is a practical choice if you use your garage a great deal. In winter, you may be in the garage frequently to service your vehicle, maintain snow-removal equipment, or get your snowmobile ready for a trip.

In summer, you may use your garage as a cool spot to listen to the ball game and drink a cold beverage with the neighbor. You may use your garage as a craft room, wood shop, or workout space.

A garage door with windows helps save energy on lighting while you use the garage to perform vehicle maintenance and work on your hobbies. If you order a modern-style glass garage door made entirely of aluminum-framed glass panels, you can easily turn your garage into an extra room that’s illuminated in daylight even when the garage door is shut tight.

All-glass garage doors can be framed in black, white, bronze, green, almond, wood tone accents, and custom-painted aluminum. Homeowners can choose frosted glass panes for their all-glass garage doors to give modern, mid-century and Craftsman homes a contemporary yet welcoming update

Solid garage doors block out nearly all light, so you must use electric lighting whenever your garage door is closed. Dark, cluttered garages can be unsafe areas for kids and people with limited cognitive skills or mobility. Garage door windows add light to make steps safer until the light switch is turned on.

In case of power outages, you can still see inside your garage during daylight hours when you have windows in the garage door. If you store emergency supplies in your garage, the extra light can help you quickly and safely access the items you need.

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