Is an ornate garage door right for your home? A garage door is more than just functional — it’s a major part of your home’s exterior décor. If you’re not sure whether to choose a plain door or opt for an ornate option, take a look at the questions to ask right now.

What Do You Consider an Ornate Door?

Different homeowners have different definitions of ornate styles. For some, ornate is heavily embellished. But for other homeowners, orate may mean a door with extra hardware, a noticeable woodgrain, or added windows.

If you’re not sure what an ornate door is (or what the word ornate means to you), ask yourself:

  • Does hardware make a difference? Do you look at garage door hardware as an essential part of the system or do you see exterior latches, hinges, and metal accents as standard? If you think these extras add to the door, hardware can make the model an ornate option.
  • Does color make a difference? Do you consider neutrals (such as white, beige, tan, or natural wood finish) standard? If your answer is yes, you’ll likely view a painted garage door (such as green or burgundy) as ornate.
  • Does material make a difference? Does a real woodgrain turn a standard door into an ornate alternative? If you view specific materials (such as wood or glass) as ornate, these models are far from plain in your aesthetic eye.
  • Does glass make a difference? Is glass a necessity or do you view these panels as a door upgrade? If you think of garage door glass as simply a way to see in/out, chances are you won’t see windows as ornate.

Now that you know what you view of an ornate door, you’re ready to take the next step — you need to learn more about the different door options.

What Types of Ornate Garage Doors Are Available?

Even though you may have a somewhat different opinion about what makes a door ornate, you can still start to explore your options. Given the differences in aesthetic views, you should start with general information about types of garage doors. The most common doors that have dressed-up versions available include:

  • Carriage doors. As the name implies, these doors look like what you would find on an old fashioned carriage home. Even though these doors lean towards the traditional side, you can add plenty of hardware and flourishes as adornments.
  • Raised panel doors. While a plain paneled door might not seem ornate, deeper panels, wooden pieces, and windows can dress up this style.
  • Wooden doors. This popular door material is easy to accessorize or customize. Even though plain wood panels don’t have a dressed-up appeal, different hues of wood mixed into one door, added hardware, and stained surfaces are ornate options.
  • Glass doors. Whether you choose a few glass panels or more, this door option can create a sleek (and ornate) look. Along with plain clear glass, you can choose a frosted or a tempered style.

While you definitely can add accents to a slab-style (plain front) door, this option is the least ornate. If you choose a slab model, you’ll need to put plenty of creative thought into how you add to the door.

How Should You Choose an Ornate Door?

Do you have a specific style of garage door in mind? If you’re not sure which type of ornate option to choose, follow these simple selection tips:

  • Talk to a professional. Whether this is your first experience buying a new garage door or not, a professional contractor can help you explore your options and make the right decision for your home.
  • List your requirements. Now that you’ve thought more about what an ornate door means to you and what types of ornate doors are available, you’re ready to write a list of your requirements. These requirements can include both functional and aesthetic issues.
  • Look at your home. Does your home have a simple or traditional style? If the exterior doesn’t match a highly ornate door, you may have to downgrade your plans. Choose the level of adornments and extras that match your home’s overall exterior appearance.
  • Explore your options. Ask the garage door contractor to show you several different options. View models with different levels of adornments. Compare plain or neutral doors with ornate styles to give yourself plenty of alternatives.

Garage door installation isn’t a do-it-yourself home improvement job. After you choose an ornate garage door, schedule an installation appointment. The added glass, hardware, or other extras require professional attention. Along with the installation, you may need professional help to place hardware, stain the door, or make other changes to upgrade the style.

Are you ready to add a new ornate garage door to your home’s exterior? Contact Shank Door for more information on your options.

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