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If you do not have a patio door that leads to your outdoor living space, then you should consider installing one this season. These doors make entering and exiting your outdoor living area easier, help illuminate your home with natural light during the day, and lend a more spacious feel to the room they are installed in. However, if you are hesitant to add patio doors to your home due to belief in one of the many misconceptions that surround these doors, read on to learn the truth behind some of the most common patio door misconceptions.

  1. Patio Doors Make a Home Less Secure

Some homeowners fear that adding patio doors to their homes will increase the risk that their homes will be burglarized. This misconception likely stems from the fact that patio doors often have large glass panels that burglars could break to gain entry into a home.

However, statistics show that home burglars are much more likely to enter homes through front doors or windows than they are through any type of back door, including patio doors. In fact, an estimated 34 percent of home burglars enter a home through a front door, about 23 percent enter through first-floor windows, and only about 22 percent enter through a back door of any type. Additionally, many home burglars prefer to gain entry into a home in a way that creates little noise to avoid drawing unwanted attention to their forced entry. For this reason, when interviewed, some burglars have stated that they prefer kicking in traditional doors instead of breaking patio door glass —the act of kicking in a door creates much less noise than breaking glass. If you would like to increase the security of any patio doors you install, make sure they are equipped with a strong locking system and laminated glass that makes it much more difficult to enter a home after a glass window panel is broken.

  1. These Doors Greatly Increase Home Energy Bills

Some people fear that their home energy bills will skyrocket after they add a patio door to their home because they are often composed of slim frames and large glass panels. However, today’s patio doors are equipped with special features that make them more energy-efficient than ever. Patio door frames made of vinyl, fiberglass, and wood provide more insulation than those made of aluminum. To further increase energy efficiency, opt for double-pane glass with a low-emissivity coating. This will reduce undesirable home heat loss and gain through glass door panels. Finally, choose patio doors with good weather-stripping and replace this weather-stripping on a regular basis to keep your patio doors as draft-free as possible.

  1. Sliding Patio Doors are Difficult to Open and Close

If you have heard that sliding glass patio doors are difficult to slide along the track to open and close, then you may wonder if you will experience this problem with your doors. The truth is that all patio doors should open and close smoothly, and if they do not, then that signals a problem with door installation, design, or maintenance. One problem that can cause difficulty operating sliding glass patio doors is the build-up of dirt and grime on door tracks and rollers. To avoid this problem, vacuum dirt and debris from tracks and rollers and then wipe them with a damp sponge periodically. An occasional application of a silicone-based lubricant to door tracks and rollers can also help sliding doors glide along their tracks more smoothly. Improperly adjusted door rollers can also make it difficult to open and close sliding patio doors. Patio door installers adjust these rollers properly upon installation, so avoid DIY installation that can lead to this and other problems. Finally, any sliding patio door can begin to open and close less smoothly when door weather-stripping becomes worn or damaged. Inspect door weather-stripping regularly and replace it when needed to help keep doors gliding smoothly.

  1. Patio Doors Reduce Home Privacy

Like most homeowners, you value your family’s privacy when inside of your home. For this reason, you may hesitate to install patio doors due to the fact that these doors are often equipped with large, clear glass panels. However, the truth is that there are many ways to retain privacy when adding patio doors to your home. You can choose doors with tinted glass or frosted glass that allows sunlight to flood your home during the day while making it difficult for outsiders to peer inside. Or, after doors are installed, you can have mirrored window film installed that provides your family with a clear view of the outdoors while obscuring the view into your home — when people outdoors glance at windows covered in mirrored film, they see a reflection of the outdoors instead of the inside of your home. Of course, you can also complement your patio doors with different types of window dressings, including vertical blinds, roller blinds, or curtains that provide your family with complete privacy when desired. If your home is not currently equipped with a set of patio doors, then you should consider patio door installation to enjoy your outdoor living space more and increase natural light in your home. Contact the door experts at Shank Door to schedule patio door installation today.

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