If you’ve ever driven down a street and had your attention grabbed by the best-looking house on the block, chances are the front entry door to the house had something to do with the impression it made on you. You might want your home to have that effect on other people too, and you can start by replacing your front entry door.

Learn more about five reasons to replace your front door and the benefits that come with them.

1. New Look

With fixer-upper accounts on social media becoming more popular, the pressure to improve the look of your home can be immense, especially if you don’t have the money to turn your home inside out with renovations. But a front door change is a simple and inexpensive change you can make that can elevate the look of your home. And instead of waiting weeks for construction to complete, the effect will be instantaneous upon installation.

If you eventually want to redo your house, a front door change is an excellent first step to choosing your desired style. If you want to eventually have a farmhouse-style home, why not install an eye-catching barn door? Or if you want a contemporary style, choose a front door with a sleek design and window pattern. A new door can set the tone for your upcoming remodeling plans.

2. Energy Efficient 

Energy efficiency doesn’t just benefit the environment — it benefits you, specifically your energy bills. The more efficient your energy usage is, the less you pay for the energy you use. Windows contribute significantly to energy efficiency, but doors do as well. An energy-efficient door can maintain the temperature of your home and reduce the need for heating and cooling, which lowers your bills.

Energy-efficient doors are labeled as such with EnergyStar and NFRC certifications that identify how efficient the door is, so you’ll know whether you can count on a new door to contribute to your savings or not. It’s important to note that the weatherstripping and threshold around the door are installed properly as well so that heating doesn’t escape out around the door.

3. Home Value

While some people want to build the home of their dreams, others want to sell it. In either case, the higher your home value is, the more you can sell your home for, and your front door can add to the value. The front entry contributes to your home’s curb appeal — that glance from a passerby that takes note of how nice your house looks — which can add up to $24,000 to your home value.

Curb appeal encompasses many other aspects of your home as well, so it won’t just stop with the front door. But the entry can make a big impact on your curb appeal. For instance, if your home is stately but doesn’t stand out from other houses around it, a statement front door can elevate your home from nice to outstanding.

If your home is a few decades old, a modern door could signal to potential buyers that the interior is updated as well.

4. Smart Locks

A solid front door is essential to the security of your home, but sometimes it’s what is in the door that can make you truly secure. A few front doors with a smart lock can give you peace of mind while also adding convenience to your life. Smart locks replace the typical deadbolt on your door that repels intruders but is susceptible to picking.

Smart locks have many different features, which means you can customize your door to suit your needs. Some people don’t want to carry their keys around all day and opt for smart locks with digital keys, key codes, or fingerprint scans. Others want the security of being able to lock their front door from a distance using their phone or have a lock that can connect to a robust security alarm system throughout the house.

5. Tax Credits

Tax credits are an additional incentive to install a new door. If you install an energy-efficient front door, you can be eligible for tax credits for reducing your energy usage. The credit can extend up to $1,500 or 30 percent of the cost of the door and installation, which means you can earn back that cost through your taxes. This incentive, paired with all of the other benefits of getting a new door, can balance the cost and make it worth it to you.

Make a Change Today

Ready to switch up your home’s entry? Shank Door offers new entry doors in different styles and materials, so you’re sure to find one that gives your home the facelift you want. Reach out to us today to learn more about the front entry doors and installation services we offer. We look forward to making your entryway look amazing as possible.

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