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Your garage door is more than just a door, it also protects valuable vehicles, tools, and equipment. It may also protect an entrance into your home. For this reason it is vital that the door be secure against thieves and intruders. The following tips can help you verify that your garage door is secure.


No, not all garage doors come with insulation. This means you need to speak with a contractor about the options and learn about which doors have insulation. An uninsulated door is a single-layer panel that creates a physical barrier between the interior and exterior garage spaces. But this barrier may easily allow air to escape from your garage or enter the area from the outdoors.

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Smart devices allow you to monitor the garage door from anywhere, typically via a smartphone or computer app. You can even control the door when away, such as having the ability to shut it in the event you forgot to when you left the house. Garage lights and other devices inside the garage can also be controlled with the smart device.

Smart devices also allow you to hook the door into your existing security and entrance systems, if desired. Some devices will even send an alert to your phone if anyone attempts to open the garage door when you are away, while even giving you the option to call emergency services is someone does break into the garage.


Video surveillance may seem extreme, but today’s modern video options make it simple and effortless to install a surveillance system that is either standalone or integrates into existing security and smart home devices. Surveillance may not stop a breaking and entering, but it will give law enforcement needed footage to help capture any culprits.

Cameras are now small enough that they aren’t obvious nor will they detract from the attractive look of the door itself. A good option for garage doors is a motion activated system that only records when activity is detected near the garage door.


High density materials that can’t be easily dented or broken with force will provide the best security. Any door, including metal doors, for example, can be bumped into with even the slow impact of a vehicle, which can be just enough to force them off the tracks so the door can be breached.

Vinyl doors can be punctured, allowing access to a would-be thief. Wood and wood composite doors are made of dense materials that makes them difficult to force open. The bonus is that these materials also look good and can be finished to suit any style you desire, or even updated in the future as your design choices change.


Any manual locking systems on the garage door should be upgraded to modern locks, particularly on older systems. If you have a lock that allows you to activate the manual opening system on an otherwise automatic garage door, make sure it has a deadbolt that can’t be easily forced.

You may also want to consider keyless entry options, such as keypad or phone app systems. These also allow you to issue temporary codes, such as to a house sitter, so you don’t have to worry about garage door openers or keys being lost or stolen.


Good garage door maintenance is a must. A door in ill repair can be easier to force open. Plan to have professional maintenance at least once a year. At this time, your garage door servicer will lubricate all moving parts, repair tracks and rollers as needed, and verify that all locks and closing mechanisms are in good repair and working properly.

They can also look for any security concerns and recommend upgrades or repairs to counteract these concerns and ensure a more secure garage door.

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