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Storage Unit Door Features You Can Choose for Residential Garage Doors

If you plan to use your garage for storage purposes, then you may want to consider a garage door design that matches those uses. A garage door installation can include many design options and custom features to fit your needs. When you choose a new garage door for your home, you can find a lot of inspiration from commercial storage units.

Storage unit doors provide security, safety, and protection for the items inside. Learn some of the key features to look for when you select new garage doors for your home. Many of the design elements will create an ideal storage area.

Windowless Doors

Storage units will rarely have windows on their doors. The units have multiple reasons for windowless doors. A windowless garage door will feature enhanced security. You do not need to worry about an attempted burglar trying to smash in glass and access your garage. A solid garage door design is much harder to penetrate.

A windowless door will also add extra sun protection for items you keep in storage. UV light can cause damage to artwork, furniture, or any collectibles you keep inside of the garage. A lack of windows will prevent UV light exposure to your items.

For example, if you have a couch you keep in the garage, then sunlight could cause colors on the couch to fade over time. With a windowless door, you will block out the natural light and can use lights inside the garage if you need to see items and navigate your way around the area.

Steel Insulated Doors

Along with light exposure, you likely want to protect items you store in a garage from extreme temperatures. Many storage units provide extra climate control through the door on the unit. A steel insulated door adds extra thickness and protection. The steel part of a door can keep extreme cold and heat out of the garage and offers durability that will last for years.

The thickness and insulation within the panels of a door will keep the temperature comfortable inside the garage. When you shop for garage doors, look for the R-value of the door. The higher the number of the R-value, the better the insulation works to provide protection from extreme temperatures.

When you store items like physical movies, vinyl records, decor, and electronics, you do not want the temperatures to constantly change and impact the condition of items. Climate-controlled storage units will often feature doors with high R-values, and you can add the same to your home’s garage.

Multi-Sized Doors

If you have a bigger garage area, then you have the potential to feature different sized doors. Storage units will often showcase door sizes based on the size of the unit. Some are wide enough to store a car while others offer small entries to hold storage items like boxes and totes.

Instead of opening a huge door every time you want to access the garage, consider one standard-sized door and one smaller door. The larger size gives you options for a car and can also feature the installation of a motorized garage door opener.

Garage door companies often showcase galleries and samples of the doors to look through. The various designs will help you figure out the best sizes to fit your needs and uses for the garage.

Extra Security Options

Storage units provide a lot of security features for guests. Along with gated entry and security cameras, the doors will often feature key security elements. For example, you could have a keypad to give you access to the door. The keypad entry includes code of your choice and will open the door when you enter the number.

You could also choose a garage door with extra lock options. For example, the handle itself can feature locks built into the design. A key would unlock the door so you could pull up on it and open the garage. You could also opt for a ground-level lock. A lock mounted to the ground adds an extra way to keep doors shut securely.

If you don’t need daily access to the garage, then you could add the lock and ensure the door stays securely shut with a padlock.

Panel Options

When you choose a new garage door for your home, you can also emulate the look of storage unit doors. These doors often feature a grooved panel design or a raw or painted steel option. And, instead of a finish like a wood grain design, you could opt for more of an industrial look for plain colors or a metal finish.

The panel designs can look like a storage unit rather than typical raised panel designs with rectangles and squares.

For more information on garage door installations for your home, contact us at Shank Door. We will help you select a design that has all of the storage unit features you seek. We work with both residential and commercial clients so we are able to give you the best of both worlds.