Is a Fiberglass or Steel Entry Door Right for Your Home?

When you decide to upgrade your entryway door, you may think about numerous specifications. For instance, you may picture decorative glass inserts, a specific color that complements the hue of your home, and secure hardware to protect your family and belongings.

In addition to these considerations, you must also think about one of the most fundamental characteristics of your new entry door: the material. Two of the most common entryway door materials currently on the market are fiberglass and steel.

Each of these materials can work well for most homes, but choosing the right material for your home can provide you with more energy-and-cost efficiency, security, and longevity. In this blog, we provide you with the information you need to evaluate whether a fiberglass or steel door is right for you.

6 Signs Your Storm Doors May Not Weather the Spring

While spring can provide a reprieve from the worst of the wintery weather, warmer temperatures and higher humidity levels can also mean more serious rainstorms. Luckily, spring offers the opportunity for homeowners to evaluate the storm protection on their houses and repair any serious damage inflicted by harsh winter conditions.

One of the most vulnerable pieces of storm-proofing for your home is your entryway storm door. This door is often subject to direct precipitation, ice, and pressure from fallen snow during the winter months.

Take advantage of a clear spring day to assess your storm door and determine whether it needs replacement to weather the storms your area may endure throughout the spring and summer. If your door has significant damage, you may even want to upgrade early to ensure an early winter storm doesn’t take you by surprise later in the year.

Options for a New Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers provide a safe and convenient way of getting in and out of your garage. Once you have a garage door opener installed, you’ll be hard-pressed to open or close your garage door manually. These units come in a wide variety of forms, which can make choosing one a difficult task for the average homeowner.

Fortunately, the following guide highlights the different types of garage door openers available. Read on to discover the benefits that each design offers.

4 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Install Commercial Security Doors

You need vigilance to keep a commercial facility safe from intruders who mean harm. When you’re responsible and careful about your building’s security systems, the rewards are many. Staff and customers enjoy a safe space, vandalism and theft decrease, and your insurance company and lawyers are appreciative. Assemble an expert team to assess your facility’s security needs. Dedicated commercial-security experts are invaluable allies in your efforts to define site vulnerabilities and develop your facility’s security protocols. Commercial-door professionals are equally as necessary to your plans. Here are four reasons why.

Burglar-Proof Your Garage Door

While an attached garage can be an incredible convenience for many homeowners, especially during winter when colder outdoor temperatures can leave car batteries sluggish or even dead, your attached garage may present a disadvantage when it comes to home security.

You may never dream of leaving your house or going to bed without locking your front door; unfortunately, some garage doors are so easy to open from the outside, it can be like leaving your front door standing open.

Fortunately, making your garage door safer doesn’t need to be an expensive or complicated process. Read on to learn how you can make your current garage door more burglar-proof, when you should upgrade your garage door for security reasons, and some other steps you can take to quickly, easily, and inexpensively reduce the risk that your home will be burgled.


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