Industrial Strip Doors


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Strip Door Hardware Styles

Save-T Loc® Strip Door Hardware Styles

TMI, LLC offers the widest variety of strip doors in the industry. Strip doors (also called strip curtains), are an affordable solution to managing your workplace environment, improving productivity, and increasing employee comfort. Strip doors help to separate environments, keeping elements out of (or in) a certain space. Protect employees and goods from adverse conditions by keeping out wind, cold/hot weather, noise, dust, fumes, insects and other elements. Save on heating/cooling costs by keeping the warm or air-conditioned air in.

Strip doors are applicable to virtually any industry, and TMI has a wide variety of strip materials to fit your needs, including low temperature, ribbed, weld screen, anti-static and many other styles. Use industrial strip doors at various locations around your warehouse, manufacturing plant or industrial workplace, including: loading dock doors, large exterior doorways, conveyor passage enclosures, cold storage doors and much more.

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