Rhapsody Series


Rhapsody marks a new standard in rich carriage house doors that are actually not wood, but incredibly convincing and extremely low maintenance composite materials. In fact, they are lightweight composite facings on two-sided insulated steel frames. Collaboration with Sherwin Williams for 7 stains, 3 Driftwood colors, and any paint shade, with all of them offering special heat reflective capabilities, makes Rhapsody ideal for coastal installations. Use of recycled and renewable materials throughout makes Rhapsody our most environmentally friendly product series to date.

Standard Features

  • Rhapsody delivers a harmonious integration of fine materials, superb engineering, skilled construction, and classic design.
  • Driftwood colors (Mocha, Espresso, Van Dyke Black) give Rhapsody the seasoned look of prime woods enhanced by the elements. Heat resistant finishes make them perfectly suited for shore and lakefront homes.
  • Seven traditional finishes plus full custom paint color selections ensure maximum design versatility and architectural integration.
  • Precision-engineered finishes minimize solar heat gain. Even when painted in darker custom colors, there is assured protected from heat and humidity.
  • R9 Insulation
  • Rhapsody doors are constructed of recycled and renewable materials with underlying frame material fully recyclable.
  • Lightweight composite facing eases strain on door hardware, springs, and operator systems. Two-sided insulated steel frames are strong and energy efficient.
  • Molded surfaces accentuate the subtle textures and patterns of select Sapele Mahogany, an exotic tropical hardwood.
  • No exterior fasteners so no unsightly nail or screw holes on outer surfaces.
  • Swing or trifold styles in single or double door configurations. V-Groove, raised or recessed panels, insulated glass, and windload hardware. Virtually any dimension can be produced, so Rhapsody can be tailored to nearly any need.


Simulated tropical hardwood composite on insulated steel for maximum curb appeal and practicality

  • 2 1⁄8” thick composite facing molded in textures of Sapele Mahogany over insulated steel frame
  • A spectrum of heat-reflective factory-finished looks: seven stains, three Driftwood tones, or any paint shade
  • Built from recycled and sustained materials
  • R9 value insulation
  • Swing, barn, or trifold door styles in single or double door configurations
  • Flat, Raised/R ecessed, or V-groove panels
  • Z-Brace, V-Buck, or X-Buck trim boards
  • Simulated divided lite windows (square or arched) or solid top styles with insulated or specialty glass
  • Decorative hardware for final accent
  • Standard or custom sizes

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