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Brown stained Front Door on a home with bordering window and a pillared porch

5 Essential Front Entry Door Features and Accessories to Consider

If you have plans to redesign or replace your front entry door, you probably have an idea of how to get the look right. But you have more to consider than just the looks.

Discover five essential features and accessories that can add value and security to your home.

1. Pull Handles

Pull handles are a great way to add elegance and sophistication to your front entry door. They come in stylish designs that draw attention and show off your sense of style.

Fortunately, these pull handles come in various size options, with something to suit every taste. Larger handles look great and give your entry door an impressive appearance. Smaller ones tend to look more classic, but they may not always stand out as much. But they all give you an easier time when you need to pull a heavy front entry door.

As for the material, you can opt for solid brass or stainless-steel handles if you want something more durable and luxurious. The finish and color will depend on your choice, but whatever you choose will definitely look stunning.

2. Glass Panels

Many entry doors come with glass panels on either side or above the door itself. The panels let light into the room and add an interesting design element to the door as well. Some panels even allow guests a glimpse at what’s inside before they enter (without any compromise on privacy). Others are partially or fully frosted, which gives the door a unique and modern look.

If you want, you can choose a door with internal blinds that cover the panel from the inside. This way, you can adjust the level of privacy, light, and visibility depending on your needs. But make sure that whichever glass panel option you choose meets safety standards.

Tempered glass, for instance, is stronger than regular glass panels and won’t shatter easily upon impact. You can also laminate the glass to increase its strength and reduce noise from outside.

3. Door Sweep

A door sweep is a strip of metal or plastic that attaches along the bottom edge of the door. This accessory seals off any gaps between the threshold and the bottom of the doorframe to block out any dirt or debris that could get into your home.

A good door sweep also helps keep out pests like mice or other critters that could try to make their way inside. For this reason, most door sweeps use sturdy structural material that won’t crack or break over time. They also come in several different styles, so you can choose one that suits the look of your entry door.

But remember to get a door sweep that fits your particular door size. You don’t want a sweep that’s too tight or loose, or else it won’t effectively block out the elements.

4. Ventilation Screen

A ventilation screen allows air to flow through your front entry door, even with the door closed. This screen is especially useful if you want to keep your home well-ventilated with minimal effort on your part.

Some screens are permanent, while you can open and close others as needed. The few that you can adjust also allow you to change the size of the vent opening, so you can easily control the amount of air that enters your home.

Many ventilation screens come with features like insect screens to keep any bugs out, which provides an extra layer of security and still gives you access to fresh air. You can also choose a screen with a stylish design or color that matches the look of your door. Some screens even feature decorative patterns and intricate designs that add a touch of elegance to your curb appeal.

5. Peepholes

Peepholes are a practical addition to any front door, as they allow you to check who’s at the door before you open it — no more guessing games required. This way, you can keep your home safe from strangers and unwanted visitors. You also get to maintain your privacy since you don’t have to open the door right away.

Most peepholes come in a circular shape that allows a good view of the outside so you can identify potential intruders even if they’re more than a few feet away.

Some models also feature a wide-angle lens that helps you see more of your surroundings, with a better view of the area. These wide-angle peepholes are a great option for homes with multiple entry points as well since you can keep an eye on more than one entrance at once.

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