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5 Garage Door Styles Inspired by Sci-Fi Films

You would normally associate sci-fi films with spaceships, future technology, and other planets, but a lot of movies have a simple connection to garage doors. Garage scenes have played an important role in science-fiction films over the years. Not only do you get to see a lot of modern technology inside the garage, but the doors themselves add a lot to the set designs.

As you decide on a new garage door for your home, check out some styles inspired by sci-fi films. The films may feature lightsabers, time travel, video games, and robots, but the garage doors offer a lot of realistic options for your home. Using screenshots and videos, you can use the scenes to pick out your future garage door installation. Read this blog to learn more about the similarities.

1. Back To The Future – Doc’s Garage

Doc’s garage is where the magic happens in the Back to the Future trilogy. Doc Brown uses the garage to come up with his crazy inventions and change the life of Marty McFly. When you watch the film, you do not need to wait long to see the garage in action as it serves as the backdrop for the whole opening sequence.

When Marty leaves the garage for the first time, you get a good look at the doors. The door features a wooden design, with overlay boards used to add more depth to the door design. The top of the garage door features square window panels. Overall, the doors have a symmetrical design that branches out from the middle.

When you select modern doors, the steel frame can feature a similar wood finish to Doc’s doors. You can select doors with the same window style while enjoying better insulation and protection.

2. Star Wars – Spaceport Doors

With so many space crafts traveling through the Star Wars universe, the characters need places to park when they arrive on planets. Throughout various Star Wars movies and television shows, you can spot the spaceports found on planets like Tattooine. The spaceports include large openings on the top for ships to land in.

In the middle, you can often see open garage bays for ship repairs and other tasks. If you see shut doors, you will notice the modern and sleek steel designs used on the doors. When you select a garage door for your home, you can choose a solid steel design with no windows, just panels.

Some of the doors featured at spaceports include top-to-bottom windows. If you seek a similar look, then consider a modern full-view aluminum door. The professional garage door includes large windowpanes that offer a full view of the outside when you’re inside. You can choose tinted windows for added protection as well.

3. Ready Player One – Aech’s Garage

In the virtual world featured in Ready Player One, there are some really detailed scenes including a crazy racetrack and a recreation of Mount Everest. Yet, one of the more interesting scenes includes Aech’s garage. The massively oversized garage is loaded with Easter eggs, including a broken-down Iron Giant robot.

The garage doors are a little tough to see in the film, but you can catch glimpses of their style and design. The doors feature a lot of windows with small square panes for the style. In the scene, you can spot a lot of natural sunlight shining through the garage, which creates a lot of nice color and brightness.

If you seek a similar window pattern on your own garage doors, then request windows with square grilles. The grilles install over the larger panes to create the illusion of multiple smaller windows. If a problem occurs, you will find it easier to replace the single pane rather than multiple small panes.

You can also have the windows extend across the first two panels of the door to showcase a similar design to Ready Player One.

4. Primer – Time Machine Garage

The low-budget sci-fi movie Primer showcases a garage for a large portion of the film. The garage in the movie holds the time machine, and you get to see the door’s detailing, both inside and out. The film showcases a great example of a classic garage door. The multi-panel steel door features windows on the third panel and a basic white design.

The style and design match a lot of homes and allow you to focus on other elements of your exterior decorations. The door doesn’t feature an automatic opener, but you could easily add an opener to a similar garage door design that you choose.

5. Bumblebee – Retro-Style Garage

If you seek a retro look to your garage, then check out the Terminator spin-off film Bumblebee. The movie takes place in the 1980s and showcases a retro house style in the movie. The main robot Bumblebee spends a good amount of time living in the garage area.

The garage door features wood paneling, which you could have installed over a modern steel door. The door features no windows but does include a lot of accents on the design. Choose to add some accents to your own garage in a similar style but with modern features and strong steel doors.

Contact us at Shank Door with your ideas for a sci-fi movie-inspired door. We will help you pick out the design elements and will install the door to fit your current garage.