Frequently Asked Questions from Our New Holland, PA Customers

Would it be wise to have a professional install my new garage door?

Garage door installation is a highly technical process that shouldn’t be attempted as a DIY project. The size and complexity of a garage door, along with its many small parts, make it the largest moving item in your home. Connecting the springs can be especially hazardous, and the proper installation is key to the door’s functionality. Professional garage door installers can finish the job quickly and safely. In contrast, most homeowners will likely take much longer and experience frustration. Additionally, an incorrect installation may void some warranties, so we advise having a professional complete the job. They can also dispose of your old door if you’re replacing it.

Is it recommended to install an insulated door in a non-insulated garage?

For large garage door openings, insulated doors are recommended to prevent the transfer of heat or cold air. This is particularly important if your garage is attached to your home or used as a workshop, as it ensures comfortable temperatures. Moreover, insulated doors reduce noise levels and improve the appearance of the interior.

  1. Insulated doors outperform non-insulated doors in both interior appearance and noise reduction.
  2. Comfort is crucial when using your garage as a workshop.
  3. Air in the garage can travel through the doorway to your living area if your garage is attached to your home.
  4. If your garage is under another room, insulated doors can assist in regulating the temperature in the room above.

Steel or wood garage doors – cost, maintenance, and durability?

Opting for a steel door can reduce the amount of maintenance required in comparison to a wooden door. Shank Door’s steel doors feature a prepainted, baked-on coating. Cleaning the exterior once a year with warm water and household detergent is recommended. Our wood doors come unfinished and require priming and painting or staining on all six sides upon delivery. We recommend visually inspecting the finish once a year to determine if another application is necessary.

Can a sectional garage door be retrofitted to replace my one-piece garage door?

Installation of a sectional door involves fitting track and springs to accommodate the door. Depending on your garage’s structure, additional alterations may be necessary. We suggest having your Schuylkill Haven, PA dealer assess the job beforehand to ensure that any required modifications are made before installation.

Can I paint my new garage door once it is installed?

Our steel doors are pre-painted with a factory-applied coating that is designed to withstand many years of use and exposure to the weather and elements. But they can also be repainted. Shank Door recommends a highquality latex exterior paint available commercially, but it is recommended not to use oil-based paints. Call the experts for a free consultation in Quarryville and surrounding areas 717-393-7280 and all of Eastern and Central Pennsylvania 800-480-4134 or visit our website: