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A Guide to Garage Door Options Ideal for Driveway Sports


A paved and smooth driveway area is not just ideal for parking cars. The paved surface creates an ideal area for a variety of sports, including basketball. As you plan to play sports in the driveway, you want to ensure your home remains protected, including the garage door area. A new garage door installation can come with a number of features to offer extra protection.

Follow this homeowner’s guide to learn more about the garage door options you have and ways to give your garage door the protection it needs no matter what type of driveway sports you play.

Quiet Garage Door Impacts

When you play games like basketball in the driveway, you risk a flying ball slamming against your garage door. The last thing you want to worry about is loud bangs every time the ball makes contact with the door heard from the inside. Additionally, a hollow garage door can create loud sounds and become more prone to damage like dents.

Reduce the noise a garage door makes with the installation of an insulated garage door. An insulated door includes material between the door that will help muffle sound and add more protection to the garage. Not only will the sound of sports balls hitting the garage door be quieter, but someone working inside the garage will have fewer disturbances as well.

Along with noise reduction, an insulated garage door provides energy benefits for the home. The garage itself will not let excessive cold or hot air in. You can dramatically reduce energy costs and help transform the space inside your garage.

Protected Windows & Glass Shattering

Whenever you have balls or hockey pucks flying around, you will likely worry about any impact they have on glass windows in the nearby area. Instead of choosing a garage door without any windows, you can select stronger materials so you can have a garage door that looks aesthetically pleasing and still gives plenty of natural light inside the garage door.

Ideally, you will want to select a window option like impact polycarbonate. The ultra-strong windows will not shatter on contact and can offer protection from sports balls and flying objects. Not only can you select garage doors with strong material, but you have a lot of finishing options to choose from as well.

Select from clear glass finishes, tinted glass designs, or frosted options. The multiple options allow you to really change the look of your garage doors and create a whole new visual experience.

Garage Door Colors & Stains

When balls bounce off garage doors, they may carry dirt grime, and driveway soot on them. The result at the end of the day could lead to obvious marks and stains on your garage door. Instead of power washing your garage door on a regular basis, you could choose a darker color finish where the marks will not stand out as much.

No matter what garage door material you choose, you will have the option to choose an overlay that fits your style and desires. For example, you can choose the strength of an aluminum or steel door and still have a wooden overlay on the outermost layer of the door. A wooden pattern can minimize the looks of ball impacts and make a big difference in the looks of the door.

You can also select from a wide range of solid garage door colors. The color options may include darker colors like black, grey, or dark brown. When you and your family play sports in the driveway, you will not have to worry as much about scuffing up those doors.

Walk-In Garage Doors

As you play sports in the driveway, you may need to get different accessories or extras. Instead of constantly opening the big garage door to access items, you can install a walk-in garage door for quicker access. A walk-in door comes with many options. For example, you could choose to have the door installed separately from your garage.

Some garage doors, on the other hand, will come in a walk-in door built right into the garage door. The easy access prevents the need to carry a garage door opener with you inside the garage each time you need to grab extra items. For bigger items like a hockey goal or bicycle, you could easily open the garage door and still have access when needed.

The doors can feature the same features and security options as a standard garage door. You can install multiple locks and windows made with impact polycarbonate for extra protection.

Plan out a garage door that fits into your lifestyle and provides you with all the features you need to make your life hassle-free. Contact us at Shank Door to find out more information on our garage doors and ways to transform your driveway space. View our full gallery to see samples and all of the options available.