Cycle-Master ® 1024 High Performance Door

Providing a rapid opening speed of up to 24 inches per second and tested to perform for 1,000,000 cycles, Cookson’s Cycle-Master® 1024 Door is your ultimate choice for performance and security in a high speed, high cycle overhead coiling steel door. Available in a single slat or insulated double slat curtain design with full perimeter weather stripping, Cycle-Master® 1024 Doors reduce opening time and thermal transfer to reduce your energy costs.


Unparalleled Performance

  • Increased productivity at high traffic openings. Rapid opening speed of up to 24 inches per second and 1,000,000 cycle performance rating maximizes the potential use of your opening.
  • Quickly seal openings and lock in temperature control. Faster cycles minimize the loss of heated or cooled air as vehicles pass through openings. Maximize climate control with Cookson’s Insulated Cycle-Master 1024 Door.
  • Maximize security. The 1024 Doors rapid cycle speed helps you monitor passage and prevent unwanted entry. Steel construction makes forced entry nearly impossible. Prolonged value. Reduce maintenance and replacement costs with the 1024 Door’s proven 1,000,000 cycle performance, long term durability and sustainable design.


Features of the 1024 Door

  • Available in stainless steel #4 polish or galvanized steel with our exclusive CycleCote™ low friction powder coat finish in gray, tan, or white. Each unit includes our specially designed, patent pending, finish protection system.
  • A complete control and safety system, featuring a NEMA 4 rated control panel. Safety-Master™ Light Curtain Technology is provided and built into the guide assembly, extending approximately over 6′ high from the finished floor on both sides; traffic cannot travel through the opening without being detected. If the door is cycling and an object passes through the curtain beams, the door will automatically reverse to the open position. UL325-2010 entrapment protection photo eyes and a wireless sensing edge are also provided as standard.
  • Each unit is built to exact size requirements, allowing size flexibility up to 30′ wide or 20′ high on standard construction. A range of operator mountings and electrical control options are also available.
  • All 1024 units include Cookson’s exclusive five year limited warranty as standard

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Additional information


Model Number: CMI-1024


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