Never Change a Light Bulb Again.
Our new LDCO863B includes the most advanced lighting features on the market. Featuring 3 LED panels and a total of 4,100 lumens, our new technology will never leave you in the dark.
Available Options: Your dealer is a great source for everything from to miniature key ring transmitters and multi-button visor transmitters to wireless keypads

  • Ultra-Smooth and Quiet Industry leading performance with variable speed operation, soft start/stop, and ultra quiet motor.
  • Integrated Battery Backup Compliant with California state regulations. Energy-Efficient LED Lighting Long life, dimmable LED light panels included. Secure.
  • Responsive Remote Control Linear MegaCode remote controls operate over long range and employ high-security technology.
  • Easy Door Release Release the operator’s quick-disconnect trolley to open or close the garage door manually.
  • Self-Diagnostic System: The self-diagnostic system continually checks and confirms proper operation, and alerts users both audibly and flashing the lights. In the unlikely event of a problem, it pinpoints the trouble and alerts users by flashing the courtesy lights.
  • Linear ® Smart App Advanced real-time monitoring and control of garage doors from any mobile device. * Assign custom access and permissions for up to 10 authorized users, and schedule door and light operation.*Wi-Fi and internet connection required.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Elan Home systems
  • LDCO 863B Includes
    • One MTS3 3-Button MegaCode Remote
    • Wi-Fi Multi-Function Wall Control Station
    • Obstacle-Sensing Safety Beams