Medallion 100 Series


Fine hardwood doors that resemble fine 
furniture in quality and detailing

  • 2 1⁄2” thick premium choice hardwoods (Red Grandis standard; Clear Western Red Cedar optional)
  • Optional factory priming for field staining
  • R9.1 value insulation
  • Swing, barn, trifold, or bifold door styles in single or double door configurations
  • Tongue and groove panels, flat or raised, beaded or V-groove
  • Z-Buck, V-Buck, or X-Buck trim boards
  • Simulated divided lite windows (square or arched) or solid top styles with insulated or specialty glass
  • Decorative hardware for final accent
  • Standard or custom sizes

Nothing says authentic carriage house style garage door like a Medallion 100 design from Artisan made from premium hardwoods (Red Grandis standard or clear Western Red Cedar as an option). That hardwood panel has a composite core for enhanced performance. Smooth plywood on both sides adds strength. Details like a square kerf accentuate the look whether the door is a swing, trifold, bifold, or barn style. Here are a few of the Medallion 100’s exceptional standard features:

Available Sizes

Available sizes

Measuring Guidelines

The installing Dealer will measure the finished opening to determine the correct door size. The type of track is based on available clearances (see diagram and table below).

measuring guidelines

Tracking Requirements



  1. Clearance is unobstructed (e.g. no beams, pipes, ductwork that may cause interference)

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