Temp-Master Insulated Rolling Door

Temp-Master takes reduction of energy loss and thermal transference to a new level. As the first rolling door design independently tested to meet ASHRAE 90.1 and 2012 IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) Section C402.4.3 Air Infiltration requirements, Temp-Master features a patent-pending sealing system – thermally broken guide construction and insulated curtains (with foamed in place insulation) – to minimize air infiltration and thermal transference through openings.

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With an independently tested value of less than .3 CFM/FT2, Temp-Master provides a 94% decrease in air infiltration as compared to standard products. Project specific post-industrial and pre-consumer recycled content values are available for each door, and Temp-Master components are easily recyclable.

Temp-Master Benefits:

  • ASHRAE 90.1 and 2012 IECC compliant
  • 94% decrease in air infiltration as compared to standard products
  • LEED credit data available
  • Low life cycle cost
  • Size flexibility: Built to order
  • Substantiated energy savings

Temp-Master Product Specifics

Standard construction to 30′ W x 30′ H. Large openings to 38′ W x 40′ H, consult factory.

Hand chain, hand crank and motors are available based on based on size, weight or frequency of operation.

Standard construction is up to 20 cycles per day and High Cycle construction is available for doors expected to cycle more than 20 times per day.

Seismic Performance Validation:
Cookson can provide project specific seismic calculations for all Temp-Pro or Temp-Master insulated coiling doors mounted Face of Wall or Between Jambs to steel or masonry. Seismic performance validation is per ASCE 7-05.

Materials and Finishes:
Double skin interlocking roll formed interior and exterior metal slats are filled with 7/8″ thick closed cell pressure foamed in place urethane insulation with a Flame Spread Index of 0 and a Smoke Developed Index of 10 as tested per ASTM E84. Curtain assembly materials meet the foam plastic insulation requirements of the 2012 IBC®, section 2603. The slat has an R-value of 8.0 as calculated using the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals. Nylon endlocks prevent wear and enable smooth, quiet operation. The Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating is up to 30 for the curtain and up to 22 for the entire assembly, as tested per ASTM E90, based on testing a complete, operable assembly. STC 32 Superimposed/double insulated curtain assemblies (also available) are tested per ASTM E90, based on testing a complete, operable assembly.

Exterior skin available in:
24, 22, 20 and 18 ga. galvanized steel with exclusive FinalCote™ or ColorCote® finish; 22 ga. stainless steel, #4 finish; 18 ga. aluminum in mill, clear or color anodized. Interior skin available in: 24 ga. galvanized steel with exclusive FinalCote or ColorCote finish, 22 ga. Available with 22 ga. exterior skin; 22 ga. stainless steel, #4 finish; 18 ga. aluminum in mill, clear or color anodized finish.

Standard Material & Finish:
Galvanized steel with exclusive FinalCote finish in gray, tan or white.

Optional Materials:
Aluminum, Stainless steel. Finish/Gauge availability varies by selected finish. Contact us for detailed Finish/Gauge availability
Temp-Master sealing system includes a thermally broken guide assembly and lintel seal (patent pending).

Optional Finishes:
Aluminum in mill, clear or color anodized; Stainless steel, 300 series #4 finish; Hot-dip galvanizing on steel components; Cookson’s ColorCote powder coat finish in a choice of over 200 colors adds durability and aesthetic value; Zinc Rich Gray corrosion resistant powder coating

For more information about the Temp-Master Insulated Rolling Door Contact Shank Door.

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