Your garage door takes up a lot of visual space on your house’s façade, so it has a significant impact on the curb appeal of your home. Just as the size of the garage itself can influence the decision of potential buyers, the look of the doors can help draw their attention. Even if you’re not selling your home anytime soon, make over the look of your house by replacing the garage door. Evaluate the Façade of Your House The first step in updating your house’s façade is evaluating it. Walk around on your block and evaluate your house’s exterior from different angles. Pay attention also to how your house looks when you see it from the street from the first time. Likewise, note what visual impact the garage door has from the street. 

From there, it’s important to evaluate how you want to improve the exterior of your house. Perhaps you have a simple ranch style, but you want to make it look more modern. Conversely, maybe you have a Victorian-style home and you want to emphasize the ornate aspects of the style. In fact, there are many styles, ranging from ultra-modern to historical, as well as provincial styles, such as Cape Cod, Georgian, and Victorian. The set style of a house can help drive the decision in garage door styles. Settle on a Door Style Once you’ve noted how your garage entrance interacts with the look of your house, it’s time to choose a style for your replacement door. When considering the door style, Better Homes and Gardens recommends choosing a door that suits your house’s architecture. Indeed, it should offer some complement to the façade. Think about the specific architectural elements in your home you want to emphasize. For example, maybe you want to echo the windows with glass panels in the door. As you work on making your decision, consider whether you want a stock or custom door. Naturally, stock doors are the most budget-friendly, but they offer limited design options. Full custom doors are more expensive, but you can choose exactly the look that best complements your house. You can also choose semi-custom doors, which are a cross between the two in looks and price. Choose a Color Scheme Besides style, another important consideration for your garage door is the color. According to the color you choose, the door can accent the façade or blend in with it. If your garage door takes up a lot of visual space as seen from the street, you may want to choose a color that matches the house. You can still accent the door’s architecture with the same color as the house’s trim. Conversely, you may choose a garage door in the accent color itself. This works well if the rest of the house makes a strong visual impact. In this case, the garage door can help highlight the architecture of your home. Consider your Material Choices Our choice in material impacts not only the look of the door, but also its durability. Budget options include aluminum and vinyl. Aluminum doors don’t rust, but they’re easier to dent.  Vinyl doors require minimal maintenance and are almost dent-proof. Fiberglass doors are a little more expensive, but they don’t dent, rust, or crack. These materials work well with  contemporary style houses. Wood is the traditional material for garage doors. Wooden garage doors offer a distinctive profile, making them ideal for provincial and historical homes. You do have to perform yearly maintenance on wooden garage doors to keep them looking fresh. That said, you could choose a wood composite door, which features the beauty of natural wood with minimal maintenance. Give your house’s façade a facelift by replacing your garage door. Use these tips to pick out a door, but talk to the experts at Shank Door about which garage door will best complement your home’s exterior and for professional help install the door.

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