Your garage may already have a rear access door installed that’s the same size as a standard house door. But what if you added a full-size garage door to the rear of your garage? Many homeowners recognize the benefits of having a garage door installed in the back wall of their garage, and they add extra garage doors for the five reasons listed here.

  1. Create a Pull-Through Space for Trailers

When you pull a boat, RV, or motorcycle trailer into your garage, you know you’ll have to back the trailer out of the garage eventually. You may even have to unhitch your trailer from your tow vehicle to fit the trailer and its cargo into your garage. When you have a garage door installed at the rear of your garage, you turn the vehicle storage area into a pull-through or drive-through garage. With the right driveway and road access, you can easily maneuver your travel trailer or boat in and out of the garage without ever needing to back up your rig. Remember to order a garage door that’s tall enough and wide enough for your tow vehicle, trailer, and cargo. Check with your garage-door supplier to make sure your garage is ready for a new garage door of the appropriate size. Some structural changes may be necessary before a new garage door is installed on your rear garage wall.

  1. Increase Access to Garage Storage

Some people place their pool toys and maintenance gear at the back of their garages. Other people store their ride-on lawnmowers and yard-care equipment in their garages. Whether you need easy access to pet-care items, bicycles, sporting equipment, or work tools, a rear garage door offers ample space to retrieve your stuff. You don’t have to stumble past cars with your hands full of items, hoping you don’t scratch any of the vehicle doors.  You can take large, bulky lawn and garden items directly to the backyard and bring your pool floats straight to the pool. Hoses, pool nets, plant sprayers, wheelbarrows, and other equipment can be safely stored in the garage and ready for work when you need the items.

  1. Upgrade Security for Work Vehicles

Work trucks and work equipment are common targets of thieves and vandals. If you park your work truck and trailer on the street or the driveway, they become temptations for those who want to steal your equipment and supplies. A pull-through garage makes it easy to park your work truck and/or trailer out of sight from thieves. The rear door on the garage makes leaving for work easier since you don’t need to reverse your truck or trailer to head out to the job site. You can also use the pass-through garage feature to load work items securely in your fenced backyard or outdoor storage space. Easily stack lumber, firewood, shingles, and other items directly from your truck to your backyard storage sheds or pallets. No one sees what you’re unloading from the street, and you can easily drive the truck right back through the garage when you’re done unloading your materials.

  1. Enhance Privacy

If you love to tinker with your vehicles or other projects in your garage, but you don’t want to issue an unspoken invitation to your neighbors by keeping your garage door open, you may avoid working in your garage at all. Avoid the awkwardness with a rear garage door you can open while you work. You get the nice breeze and illumination from the open garage door, but your nosy and pushy neighbors have no idea you’re in the garage at all. Have a carriage door installed with a built-in screen or use a Full-View overhead door for a stylish look. Overhead rear garage doors make it easy to have a private backyard gathering with full access to the garage if it rains. You can supervise a backyard BBQ, birthday party, or craft project from the convenience of the garage and still have plenty of door width to move bulky items indoors and outdoors as needed.

  1. Increase Efficiency of Tandem Garage

In narrow lots, a tandem garage may be the only size structure that will fit on the property. Tandem garages are one car-length wide but two or more car-lengths long. One car is parked in front of the next car to conserve space. Tandem garages are inconvenient when it’s time to take the first car out of the garage. The second car must be moved before the first car can back out of the space. If you have a tandem garage, a rear garage door can solve the first-in-last-out dilemma. With a proper turnaround or drive at the rear of a tandem garage, both vehicles can be covered by the garage and have easy street access. Have your garage updated with a new rear garage door from the top garage door manufacturers by contacting Shank Door today. We install custom garage doors for residences and businesses throughout Southeast Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland.

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