Wooden garage doors have timeless, classic beauty. They also have special maintenance requirements. Without proper care, wood can absorb water and may even rot. Wooden garage doors are also very heavy, which can necessitate regular maintenance to prevent the garage door opener from wearing out.

If you want a wooden garage door for your upcoming garage door purchase, knowing what type of maintenance practices are required for proper care can help you decide if a wooden garage door is right for you. Learn what you need to know about maintaining a wooden garage door.

Regular Refinishing Can Prolong the Door’s Service Life

Wood can deteriorate quickly if not protected from the elements. Finish protects wooden garage doors from moisture and harmful UV rays. If the finish is properly applied and well-maintained, the door can last years, even decades. If the finish wears away with no replacement, the door may quickly begin to crack or rot.

Some of the latest coatings are designed as a “living” finish; the process to maintain is much easier than the old lacquer finishes which required sanding away the old finish and applying several coats of new finish. The new finishes are designed so that you can finely sand the areas that need re-coated and apply to those areas; this is recommended every 2-3 years. Typically, homeowners with wooden garage doors want to preserve the natural look of the wood. This is possible with stain, but not paint.

Unfortunately, stains do not last as long as paint, which can more thoroughly protect wood from the elements. If you choose to stain your door, you will need to repeat the process more often than if you applied paint.

The easiest way to get this job done is to hire a professional painter. A painter can easily strip the old finish and apply a new finish to the door. Often, professionally applied finishes look better and last longer than DIY finishes

Cleaning Protects the Door

Wood rot can be a problem for your wooden garage door if you do not take steps to protect your garage door from moisture. Dirt can trap moisture against the door, whether the dirt is on the door or beneath it on the pavement.

Cleaning the door monthly with a dry microfiber cloth can remove dirt and grime. If the door goes for long stretches of time between cleanings, you may need to use a wet sponge and mild detergent to get the door clean. You will not need a pressure washer to do this job. In fact, a pressure washer could strip the finish.

You can further protect your door by sweeping dirt from the threshold. Dirt left on the pavement beneath your door could eventually find its way onto the door itself, causing the part of the door that comes into contact with the pavement to be especially susceptible to rot.

Wooden Garage Doors Need Regular Professional Maintenance

A typical garage door weighs anywhere from 155 to 255 pounds, but wooden garage doors can weigh even more. During times of wet weather, wooden garage doors can even absorb about 50 pounds of water from the air. This extra weight can cause additional wear and tear on the garage door opener.

The spring above the door, known as the torsion spring, helps offset the weight of the door by providing the tension needed to lift the door. The torsion spring allows you to open the garage door even when the automatic garage door opener is not connected or on. Without this spring, you would likely not be able to lift the weight of your garage door.

Torsion springs can wear out over time, especially if lifting a heavy load. If you use your garage door regularly, your torsion spring might wear out even faster.

Torsion springs are highly pressurized. When they break, they can cause severe injury or death. As a homeowner, you should not try to maintain your garage door torsion spring yourself. Instead, you should have a garage door professional maintain the torsion spring.

If you choose to get a wooden garage door, you can protect the door and torsion spring by getting an annual garage door tune-up. The garage door contractor will inspect, adjust, repair, or replace your garage door torsion spring as needed. If your garage door repair person perceives something going wrong with your garage door spring, he or she can recommend the appropriate action.

Ready for a Wooden Garage Door? Contact Shank Door Today

Wooden garage doors do some require extra maintenance, but they also have timeless beauty that can boost your home’s curb appeal. If you love wood and want to have your own wooden garage door, contact a garage door contractor you can trust. Work with a contractor who sells quality products at an affordable price. Ask your painter any questions you might have about wooden garage door maintenance.

At Shank Door, we help homeowners like you choose the right door for their needs. To find out more about wooden garage doors and how much one would cost, contact us today.

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