Garage uses vary by home and depend on several different components. If you plan on using your garage to store anything valuable, then a traditional garage door may not be your best option. As you plan out the garage door choices for your home, you may find inspiration through the features and designs found with storage unit doors.

Storage unit doors come with very specific features. Request a garage door with some of the features listed below to add extra protection to your items and functionality any time you need to go inside the garage.

Galvanized Steel Doors Without Windows

One of the main features found on storage unit doors is a lack of windows. A solid door provides many advantages. The first is theft protection. No one can peer through door windows to see what’s on the other side. The second is sunlight protection. Sunlight that beams through a garage door window can create heat issues for your items.

Exposure to UV light can also change the appearance of items. Posters, books, and toys may lose their look and fade to yellow if exposed to too much UV light. A storage unit door will look like a solid whole piece.

The door material is typically made of galvanized steel for extra protection. The steel offers strength and will last for years without any wear.

Full Thermal Break

Climate control is a popular element for storage units. When you store collectibles, clothes, or electronics, you do not want high heat and humidity to impact your items and cause problems. Many storage unit doors include a feature known as a full thermal break. Thermal break technology that is built into doors prevents heat transfer and conductivity.

Essentially, a garage door with a full thermal break will maximize the amount of heat protection for the garage. The thermal break is essential in the summer, especially if your garage gets a lot of sunlight. A full thermal break and a garage door with light reflective colors will reduce the heat energy transferred into the garage.

Not only can you find garage doors with a full thermal break, but the doors could also feature insulation. Extra insulation adds another layer of protection. Along with the garage doors, consider the garage roof insulation to make the most out of your protective doors.

This feature will help ensure your items remain safe and protected from extreme heat and humidity.

Slide Locks

Proper security is essential for storage units and you should feel the same with your garage at home. Prevent forced entry and add an extra layer of protection with a garage door that features a lock latch at the side of the door.

The lock latch is typically connected to the door. The connecting part is attached to the outer frame of the garage and bolted right to the base of the driveway. The location depends on how your garage is set up and how much extra construction you want to do for the lock.

The slide lock adds extra security and prevents someone from pushing up the garage door. If you enter the garage more often through an alternate area like the house, then a bottom lock is one of your best options. You will only need to access the lock when you’re moving items in and out of storage.

High Lift Doors

One of the key elements of a storage unit door is the maximum height created to properly move items in and out of the garage. Storage units often feature high lift doors which move vertically higher before curling and tucking away in the top of a garage.

Garage door technicians can maximize the vertical space available at your garage with a high lift door installation. Measurements and tests will ensure the doors open smoothly and keep the opening as large as possible. Once installed, you can move tall items in and out with less chance of bumping the top of the door.

Manual Doors

With features like slide locks and high-lift doors, many storage units also feature manual doors. No openers are needed to easily lift the doors and lock them into place. If you’re not using your garage for a car, then a manual option may be the best option as well. You can order a door that offers protection but is more practical than some other doors.

A roll-up door allows you to quickly open and shut the door without a lot of extra strain. A gripped handle on the bottom or middle of the door makes it easy to lift upwards. The same quick process also helps you shut the door and lock it again.

For more information on garage door installations, contact us at Shank Door. We work with several manufacturers and can help find a garage door that matches the same features as storage units. We will survey your property and give our recommendations to help match your vision for the door design.

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