Over the years, steel and aluminum garage doors have become popular among homeowners. The benefits of these materials are undeniable. Both aluminum and steel are widely available, durable, low-maintenance, and recyclable. However, there are times when a metal garage door doesn’t suit a home’s aesthetics. Particularly if you have a historic or rustic home, a wood garage door may be a better fit for appearance.

If you like the look of a wood garage door, then it absolutely can be a good choice for you. Although it’s not as popular as it once was, wood does still have some benefits as a garage door material. Its shortcomings are also easy to address with a little planning and foresight.

Experiencing the Benefits of Wood Garage Doors

The key reason some people are attracted to garage doors is their appearance. Steel and aluminum doors can be finished to look like wood, but you can tell the difference close-up. Only wood looks authentic on a cabin-style home or a rustic, country home. Wood garage doors suit craftsman homes well, too. In addition to appearance, here are some other benefits of choosing a wood garage door.


Wood is about as eco-friendly a material as you can find. It’s all-natural. Trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide as they grow. When you’re finished with your garage door, it will break down in a landfill within a few short years. If you usually choose eco-friendly materials for your home, a wood garage door will fit that theme.

Make sure any finishes used on the door are also earth-friendly and low-VOC or no-VOC. The volatile organic compounds released by some finishes are not good for the planet or for human health.

Custom Finish

Even within the low-VOC realm, there are many different finishes to choose from when you order a wood garage door. Choose a lighter finish for a modern look, a dark finish for a more traditional look, or a natural finish for a more rustic appeal.

If you are trying to match wood elsewhere on your home, then you can choose a custom finish to match. And if you one day decide you’d like a different look, you can have the wood door refinished.

No Denting

Denting is a big concern with aluminum garage doors, and even with many steel garage doors. These materials are durable, but they can develop dents if someone bumps into them. The metal that buckles up around the dent is then prone to rust or corrosion.

Wood garage doors do not dent. This makes them a good choice for families with children who may ram into the door with a scooter or bike. If you carry a lot of heavy items in and around the garage, you may also appreciate the dent-proof nature of wood.

Addressing the Challenges of Wood Garage Doors

Even with all the benefits listed above, wood garage doors are not perfect. They do come with some challenges, but those challenges are often easier to address than you would assume. Here are the key challenges associated with wood garage doors, along with some tips for addressing them.


Wood is prone to rot if it stays moist for too long. However, you can minimize this issue by choosing a wood that is less rot-prone. Cedar is a great choice for garage doors because it is naturally rot-resistant, thanks to the natural cedar oils it contains. Mahogany also works well. Its density makes it less apt to absorb moisture and rot.

You can also get ahead of rot by refinishing your door more often. Have the door refinished annually — the finish will help keep moisture from penetrating the wood.


Wood garage doors are sometimes said to be leaky and poor insulators. If you choose an insulated garage door, this won’t be an issue. Many of the higher-quality wood garage doors are insulated with polystyrene, resulting in an insulating ability similar to that of comparable steel doors.

Heavy Weight

Wood garage doors are heavy — especially if you choose a door made from a dense wood like mahogany. Unless you are exceedingly strong, manually opening a wood garage door is often too difficult. So, you’ll definitely want to have an automatic garage door opener installed.

You must be sure to choose a powerful opener to account for the heavier weight of a wood door. Allow your garage door installer to recommend an opener that’s compatible with the specific wood door you choose.

Although wood is not the most common garage door material, it certainly has its place. Wood garage doors are beautiful, eco-friendly, and easy to customize. Their tendency to rot and their heavy weight are small drawbacks you can work around. If you’re looking for a wood garage door in Myerstown or Lancaster, contact Shank Door. We offer several high-quality wooden options.

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