ACE Grille

Cookson's ACE (Access Controlled Egress) Grille offers the security of a regular grille with automatic opening during an alarm situation for emergency egress. Now grilles can be used to secure areas of a building without the fear of entrapment in the event of an emergency.

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Activated by Building Alarm

The ACE Grille is wired into the central building alarm system and is activated when there is an alarm situation. Upon alarm activation, the ACE Grille if closed will automatically open to the fully opened position without the use of a motor or battery backup system. This fail-safe system will operate in the absence of power. The areas secured by the ACE Grille will then be accessible for emergency egress.

Secured by Auto-Lock

The ACE Grille incorporates Cookson’s Auto-Lock mechanism which locks the grille when in the fully closed position. Security will not be compromised with the ACE Grille. During an emergency alarm activation, the Auto-Lock will release the grille from the locked position and allow the grille to ascend to the fully open position.

The ACE Grille is Fail-Safe

The ACE Grille meets all of the standards for Fail-Safe devices. It will open during an alarm activation or during a power failure without the use of any external forces. It automatically resets itself once the alarm system is reset and power is resumed to the ACE Grille motor operator.

Motor Operation for Everyday Use

The ACE Grille utilizes Cookson’s M100-FS motor operator while in normal mode and can be controlled by a number of devices including push button and key activated control stations. The ACE Grille offers controlled operation during normal mode and automatic opening while in emergency mode. A sensing edge will reverse a closing grille if it comes in contact with a person or object.

Meets 2009 International Building Code Standards

ICC-ES evaluation report ESR 2980 verifies that Cookson’s ACE Grille complies with the 2009 International Building Code for access controlled egress grilles. For the operation and security of a standard grille with the peace of mind of an access controlled egress grille, ACE Grilles by Cookson provide the best solution.

For more information about the ACE Grille Contact Shank Door.

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Model Number: FMG, JMG (ACE Grille)


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