Save-T® Sliding Track Strip Doors


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Sliding Strip Door Hardware Types

TMI’s line of Sliding Strip Doors are used when environmental separation is required, but the strips need to be moved out of the opening to allow unobstructed pass-through and wall space on either side of a doorway opening is not limited. However, if there is limited space on both sides, a Save-T® Double Track Sliding Strip Door can be an ideal solution.

Save-T® Sliding Strip Doors consist of heavy duty galvanized roller track, wall or header mount connectors, and hinged trolleys that allow the strips to slide down the track. TMI offers three basic design configurations:

  • One-Sided Wall Mount: Requires double the width of the door opening, so the strips can slide completely out of the door opening.
  • Bi-Parting Wall Mount: Allows half of the strips to slide to the left of the opening and half of the strips to slide to the right of the opening.
  • Bi-Parting Header Mount: Allows the strip door to mount in the jamb. Half of the strips are on one set of track and half of the strips are on another set of track. This allows one half of the opening to be free from obstructions.

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